Blog entries summarising activities and events dealing with the ISO 37101 urban and community sustainability management system standard.

USM at WUF10

10 Jan 2020

FIDIC is organising two Networking Events at WUF10 (Abu Dhabi; February 2020) that are focussed on urban sustainability management for formal and informal communities.

USM News

5 Jan 2020

News about activities, documents and events linked to the ISO 37101 community sustainability management standard.

ISO 37101 Optimised SDG-Compatible Disclosures

5 Jan 2020

The UN Global Compact and GRI Business Reporting on the SDGs Inventory of available disclosures and possible actions for various themes for each SDG target is mapped to the ISO 37101 purpose-action areas framework and the Citibank pathway framework to identify optimised disclosures for ISO 37101 users.

USM at the 1st UN Habitat Assembly

18 May 2019

FIDIC will be promoting the ISO 37101 sustainability management system standard for communities at the 1st UN Habitat Assembly.

USM at COP24

20 Nov 2018

From the point of view of urban sustainability management, attention is drawn to some 30 Climate Change Conference (COP24) events. The selection aims to reflect current activities related to ISO 37101, the urban and community sustainability management standard.

Proposed ISO 37101 project guide

1 Oct 2018

A working group organised by France's FNTP contractors' federation has arranged for a project developers' guide to the ISO 37101 standard to be proposed to ISO as a new work item.


2 Feb 2018

At the 9th World Urban Forum, FIDIC will use its Statement of Commitments to structure a Networking Event that will explore ways to encourage built environment stakeholders to plan and implement a process to make joint commitments to specific actions.

Aligning commitments

12 Jan 2018

Aligning built environment sector commitments will be the focus of discussions at the 2018 World Urban Forum network event "Aligning commitments and expectations to achieve SDGs and the New Urban Agenda".

USM Webinars

20 Dec 2017

Webinars introducing the ISO 37101 urban and community sustainability management system standard, organised by FIDIC in association with UNEP, ISOCARP, ICLEI, and the Global Cities Institute.

USM at COP23

7 Dec 2017

The most recent urban sustainability management system activity organised by FIDIC was to present FIDIC USM activities at COP23 in Bonn in November 2017 at a special side event.

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