The UN Global Compact and GRI Business Reporting on the SDGs  inventory of available disclosures and possible actions for various themes for each SDG target is being mapped to the ISO 37101 purpose/action areas framework and the Citibank cause-and-effect pathway framwork. 

Identified are Optimised SDG-Compatible Disclosures (OSCDs). By selecting and working with OSCDs a user is assured that actions carried out using the ISO 37101 purpose/action areas framework contribute to SDGs.

An online demonstration demonstrates a sample of  OCSDs that are mapped to the ISO framework. In this case, only the OCSDs that have been given a score are displayed.

A complete analysis of the mapping approach is under development with the aim to determine equivalent OSCDs for a) an organisation that uses the ISO 37101 management system (so-called Organisation OSCDs) , and b) for a project that aims to meet the goals and objectives of an ISO 37101 management system (so-called Project OSCDs) .

The overall aim is to incorporate the OSCDs into the tools being developed for a Urban Sustainability Management Platform tool, the first of which is the USMP City Logbooks site  (