FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, will be promoting the ISO 37101 sustainability management system standard for communities at the 1st UN Habitat Assembly in Nairobi (events start on 25 May 2019) .

A main aim will be to identify international organisations from the built environment sector that would be interested in participating in a project developer's guide to the standard that is currently being considered by ISO as a new work item.

The various events taking place during the Assembly and which involve urban management are summarised below.

UN Strategic Plan (PDF) sub-programmes

  • Spatial inequality and poverty in urban and rural communities (urban basic services; urban legislation; land and governance; housing and slum upgrading; urban planning and design)
  • Shared prosperity of cities and regions (locally generated revenue; municipal finance; inclusive economic growth)
  • Climate action and improved urban environment (climate change; linking global actors and policies to national and local contexts)
  • Effective urban crisis prevention and response (resilience; recovery; reconstruction; crisis response).

Main events web site;  programme; briefing note

  • Global Stakeholders Forum (Saturday, 25 May 2019; Saturday; concept note; Stakeholder policy: survey, policy)
  • Global Stakeholders Forum (Sunday, 26 May 2019; Caucasing)
  • Business Leaders Dialogue (Sunday, 26 May 2019)
  • Plenaries (Monday, Tuesday a.m., Wednesday p.m., Friday p.m.). 1st theme: “Innovation for better quality of life in cities and communities” (background)

Built environment sector meetings (details)

  • Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF - Monday; 16.00 - 18.00; Office of the Executive Director, Small Boardroom, New Office Facility, Block 4 North,  3rd Fl., UNON, Gigiri, Nairobi) 
  • World Urban Campaign (WUC - Thursday; 17.30 - 20.00 or Friday; 18.00 - 20.00)
  • General Assembly of the Partners - Professionals (GAP - 28 May 2018 or 30 May 2019)
Side events (Monday, 27 May 2019 - Thursday, 30 May 2019; list)

Policies and frameworks

  • Measuring progress on the implementation of National Urban Policies (Thursday; UNECE)
  • Shaping pathways towards smart cities (Monday)
  • Innovative financing and engagement strategies for affordable housing and urban development in Africa (Monday; Shelter Afrique)
  • Strengthening urban finance for sustainable development (Wednesday; European External Investment Plan)
  • Modern, low carbon and inclusive public transport  (Monday; Wuppertal Institute, UITP, Flone Initiative)
  • Integrated and sustainable urban mobility (Tuesday; SLoCaT, TUMI, IGES)
  • Low-carbon and resilient urban infrastructure (Tuesday; BMZ)
  • Innovation in process and partnerships for transformative, data-driven and bankable urban projects (Monday; UN Habitat)
  • Innovative inclusive cities: multi-stakeholder partnerships (Monday; GAP Older Persons, GAP Persons with Disabilities, Huairou Commission, World Enable, World Blind Union, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Innovative processes and novel coalitions for resilient and transformative projects (Tuesday)
  • Evidence-based interventions for quality living environments (Tuesday; South Africa)
Affordable housing
  • Efficiency for affordability: how energy efficiency can drive affordable housing (Wednesday 13.15 - 14.45; GABC: programme)
  • Urban Housing Practitioners Hub (Thursday;  Inter–American Housing Union, Cities Alliance,  Habitat for Humanity)
  • Affordable housing and sustainable solid waste management (Thursday; SDHUD, KARA)

Updated 23 May 2019